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Realtime 432Hz Converter

Experience your music the way it was meant to be

#1 432hz and 528hz Converter out there, since 2012


432Hz Spotify 

Add 432Hz button into your Spotify player

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The App

The Ultimate Music Player

432 Player Android

Join the millions of music lovers who have discovered the 432Hz Player

The 432Hz Player is the ultimate web and mobile audio player which converts A=440Hz music files into A=432Hz tuning on the fly.

Play your music in 432hz and 528hz with hi-fi quality. Play directly device storage.

Stream live radio with over 30,000 stations.

Play and create playlists from YouTube (on Web Player or using our YouTube Chrome Extension).

Get our Chrome and Firefox Extension to integrate 432hz/528hz abilities into your Spotify


Download The 432Hz Player Conveter now and experience music like never before.


432Hz YouTube

Add 432Hz button into your YouTube Experience



Experience Music Like Never Before

Real-Time 432Hz & 528Hz Pitch Shifting

The 432Hz Player pitch shifts the music to 432Hz or 528Hz in real-time, allowing you to experience music in a new and unique way.

Play and Edit Local Music from your device into 432Hz

Arrange and Play your music from the storage of your device, manage your playlists and favorites or edit id3 Tags, 

High-Quality Audio

The 432Hz Player delivers music in hi-fi quality, ensuring that you experience every detail in your favorite songs.

Worldwide 30,000 Radio Stations convert into 432h & 528hz

Select from 30,000 live radio stations from more then 300 countries, in more then 150 languages, all in 432hz or 528hz.

YouTube in 432hz & 528hz

* Chrome extension

Use our YouTube Chrome extension to turn any YouTube video and audio into 432Hz & 528Hz

Spotify in 432hz & 528hz

* Chrome extension

Use our Spotify Chrome extension to integrate the 432Hz Player Pitch Functionality into your Spotify Experience


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Why 432Hz

Switching to 432Hz may offer transformative benefits.

Tuning your music to 432Hz offers a compelling journey into harmony and resonance. Rooted in the fundamental fabric of the universe, this frequency, often termed "The Mathematical," "The Natural," or "The Pythagorean" tuning, resonates with various phenomena, including light, time, gravity, magnetism, DNA, and sacred geometry. Unlike the mainstream A=440Hz, which may disrupt the balance within our bodies and minds, 432Hz harmonizes effortlessly with our natural rhythms, fostering a sense of peace, completeness, and alignment. By embracing this harmonic frequency, musicians, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts unlock a transformative realm of sound that not only delights the senses but also elevates consciousness, offering a profound connection to the essence of existence itself.

Why the 432Hz Player

The Best 432hz and 528hz Player out There!

The 432Hz Player stands as the premier choice for enthusiasts seeking to experience music at 432Hz and 528Hz frequencies, renowned for their harmonious resonance and potential therapeutic benefits.

Boasting over 1,200,000 downloads worldwide and a consistently growing base of over 100,000 monthly unique users, this application has established itself as the go-to platform for pitch-shifting music with unparalleled reliability and precision.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the 432Hz Player ensures a superior hi-fi listening experience, allowing users to unlock the full potential of their favorite tracks as they were meant to be heard.

With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, this app offers a seamless journey into the realm of harmonically tuned music, elevating both enjoyment and well-being for discerning listeners worldwide.

About Us

Why was the 432Hz Player Created?

Led by the belief that music can heal

At The 432Hz Player, we believe that music has the power to heal and transform. Our mission is to provide music lovers with a unique and personalized audio experience that allows them to fully connect with their favorite songs. Join us on this journey and experience music like never before.


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