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Is humanity out of tune?

“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” ~ Confucius.


The mass media is tuned to the concert pitch of A=440hz. The majority of mainstream music is in this pitch. Today's research shows that the 440 pitch might be a bit off and disharmonious with our bodies and minds. If you’re a Musician or an Audiophile or just love listening to your music this will be a tipping point for you. There is a movement in the Music World which is trying to bring the 432hz pitch into our lives. The A=432hz tuning is also known as “The Mathematical Tuning”, “The Natural Tuning”, ”The Pythagorean Tuning”. According to studies 432 resembles a code underlying our very universe in all aspects – light, time, gravity, magnetism, DNA, sacred geometry and the list goes on. 432 number, and its divisions, extends throughout all ancient history. Why is this important? Because sound (vibration) influences the mind and body immediately. Even the slightest constant dissonance can bring one to confusion, inner chaos and staying blind to what is going on around. Think about it, when something irritates you, the only thing you can deal with is making that thing stop. But you will never address bigger problems. It is well known today that the molecular structure of water is affected by vibration, thoughts, words, ideas and of-course Music. Our human body is made of approximately 70% water. So the link is pretty immediate here.

I’m inviting you all to listen to your beloved music through this player which you might enjoy the brighter feeling it brings, but also will conceal healing qualities for the body and mind.

Love Light & Meditation,


P.S – Please DYOR (do your own research) on this most important matter. Please don’t rely solely upon my opinion and research.


“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

― Albert Einstein


The app is free and for those who want to hear their music in a more refined and healthy tone opposed to the 440 Hz.

Why 432hz and Why 432 Player​

There is a recent movement within the musical fields which has been initiated by a small yet rather passionate group of young people who advocate a change of musical tuning from 440Hz to 432Hz. Those in favor claim that tuning the music to this specific and particular tuning is going to result in a more natural sound which could reveal numerous advantages. Right off the bat, it’s supposed that this would make all of us happier as well as healthier and more peaceful. In any case, the movement also lays out series of rational explanations as to why 440Hz tuning is actually negative.


A Hypothesis could be Proven


In any case, a music scholar – Maria Renold described the way she tested out the actual impact of 432Hz tuning on people. By plating solfeggio tones to thousands of people for the last 20 years, she managed to come to the stunning conclusion that over 90% of all the people to whom she played the music preferred the 432Hz tuning. Interestingly enough, when asked about how what they’ve heard, people used words such as correct, peaceful, sun like and completed to describe the overall sensation that the music gave them.


The 432Hz Player Application


We’d like to bring to your attention to this 432Hz App called “432 Player”. It is specifically designed to work on both Android and iOS devices.

This 432HZ Player is going to pitch-shift music from the regular 440Hz to the 432Hz tuning on the fly.


The application is incredibly easy to use, you just open the app choose a song and that's it.


Additional features of the 432Hz Player in the PRO version


- Enjoy a set of Equalizer to adjust the sound as you please

- 528 conversion as well

- 2 Methods of conversion: Pitch Shift and Speed Adjustment

- Ofcourse no Ads

The 432 Player

Play your music on your mobile while pitching it in real time to be in the 432hz frequency.

The 528 Player

Play your music on your mobile while pitching it in real time to be in the 528hz frequency.

The 432 Player for Windows

Dear 432Hz family and friends,​

We are finally releasing a PC version of the 432 Player, we specialize in mobile apps but we didn't let that stop us from creating a Windows version for PC.​

All you have to do is drag and drop music files onto the player and it should convert the music on the fly from 440hz to 432hz.

432 Player Radio

Find your favorite All Time Radio stations BUT listen to them in A=432hz! That's all we have to say about this :) :) :)

The 432 Tuner

The 432 Tuner, as the name suggests, helps tune your instrument to the A=432hz tuning.
Many people ask how to tune to the A=432hz tuning, and now you can just download the app and tune.
Using this Tuner you can also tune to A=444hz (which is the 528hz scale) and standard A=440hz.

Dreamworld Album Application

This music album is a waking call for humanity to reconcile itself. We are being fed the wrong ideas, the wrong nutrition, the limited science, no self-exploration, no self-experiencing

Medidate - Yogis and Meditators Network

Medidate is a Marketplace and a Social Network for Yoga and Meditation Teachers and Practitioners.

Download Medidate if you are:

Yoga and Meditation Teachers and Studios.

Yoga and Meditation Students Searching for Classes.

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Cymascope Music Made Visible

* The CyamScope App is the world's first App that allows you to see the geometry of piano sounds.
* The beautiful cymatic imagery you see is not computer generated.
* All imagery in the app was created on the CymaScope, (a scientific instrument that makes sound visible) and then stored in digital memory for you to enjoy.

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We Are Soft-Aware Developers


We are two guys following our intuitions as best as we can by developing technologies that will hopefully assist humanity in raising the collective vibration.

We both practice meditational practices from sitting meditation, yoga and taiji temple style.

Our ideas sometimes come from our dreams and at times through or after meditations.

We are living in glorious times where we are all becoming gradually more aware of who we are and why we are here.​

So lets embrace ourselves and everyone around us :)​

Much Love!

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